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(AUSTIN CLAY) (Chris James & Justin "Bad Boy" Kade)

((Scene opens up by showing the XCW Main Logo)

((The Following show your about to watch is PG. XV. Stands for Xtreme Violence. Please try this at home. Like one off your Favorite XCW Wrestlers what you about to watch. Enjoy the show.)


((XCW Monday Night Destruction music starts to play over the pa system. With fire works going of on the main walk way.)


((Camera shows fans with wrestling signs. Are going crazy for XCW.)


(((Camera its showing JR. and The King setting in there ring announcer table)))

((JR.) Welcome to the show XCW fans we are coming live from the Madison square garden in new York city. IM your announcer for tonight show JR. and with always by my side the king.

((JR.) We had another great show at last night show at Monday night destruction. The king what was your thoughts about the last night show?

((The King) Jr. last night the show wasn't that great it was so boring. They had the backup wrestlers westling.Are rating when down 10 points because of the show. If it wasn't for are xcw crew talking to me on on my head phones telling me what to say. I would off fell a sleep through the hole show.

((JR.) why do you thing it was boring?

((The King) because Jr. the Gods Masterpiece wasn't on the show. Kicking the holly crap out off the XCW roster. When I heard he's not going to be booked on the card. I was like great I got to be on the show and watch wrestlers who nobody came to see. Just like this rude and big mouth new Yorkers in this arena.

((JR.) Sorry NYC fans for does remarks from the king . I thought last night show was great full with lots of action with new wrestlers wrestling.

((The King) Jr. you just like each everyone of them here you don't even know what real talent is if they where front off your face. Have you looked at your self in the mirror lately?

((JR.) Yeah and I like what I see.

((JR.) Fans we need to pay the bills we will be right back.


((Voice: Are you sick and tired by watching old farts and has been wrestlers wrestling and wasting your time . Not worth the price for a ticket? I bet you are . This Sunday night get ready for the first XCW PPV called turmoil Trust when I say you would like what you going to see. Buy are tickets and don't spent on the wwe ppv where you see the same match over and over again. Go to your phone right now and order are first ppv. If they not offering are first ppv go bet them up say XCW said so. Enjoy the rest off are show.)

((JR.) Welcome back fans . I hope you enjoyed that commercial for are first XCW PPV called TURMOIL. Its going to be one of the best ppv your ever seen in a long time..

((JR.) King are you ready for are first ppv? I know I cant wait to call match by match.

((The King) Jr. you know me IM always ready for that ppv that's where I shine the most. Everybody knows that the only spot light during the night will be on Gods Masterpiece and Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team. When they win all the titles in the XCW. I wonder if they need a manger you know I used be a good manger back in the day jr.

((JR.) That what I heard. Your crazy King Thai's why nobody like you. They not laughing with you but at you.


((JR.) This Sunday night fans at are first ppv TURMOIL you going to see Gods Masterpiece will be in 2 match at one night. In his first match He will be facing Austin Clay for the XCW Hardcore Championship in Tables, Ladders, and Tacks. And in his second match he will be facing Chris James & Justin "Bad Boy" Kade for the XCW Tag Team Title Match .

((The King) Gods Masterpiece will prove the hole XCW Roster why his the only man who marks XCW look great. And the only man who in one night will win 2 titles at one night. Gods Perfect Masterpiece will be only stable who will have all the titles at one time. I promise you this Jr. .

((JR.) I finally hear Gods Masterpiece music lets go to the ring for his interview.


(((Here comes the perfect human being by 2pac starts playing all over the pa system then Gods Masterpiece heads to ring with the fire works going off in the background)))



(((Gods Masterpiece picked up a mic)))

(Before he can speak the fans boooooooooo.)

{{Gods Masterpiece:}} Allow me to introduce my self once again does who are slow or dumb from what I see that's most you in this damn crowd. If each and everyone off you stop eating big Mac's and this fake pizza that I had last night it gave me gas all night that's was the biggest mistake I ever made I rather eat at Steve's pizza back in Miami. And hit up the gym maybe just maybe one day you will look like Me. What am I saying this town so lazy and cheap about wasting gas you rather walk on your feet every where..

(Crowds: starts saying you suck you suck)

{Gods Masterpiece:}} Trust me I don't suck in effect each and everyone in this arena sucks for even living in this dumb. Like I was saying before I got interrupt by this rude new Yorkers. My name is Gods Masterpiece after are first ppv when I win the hardrcore and tag team championship.Ill be The new face off of XCW and Mr. PPV. Lets face the effect you didn't come to see the rest off the XCW Roster.excpet ME MVP AND BRET HEART. We worth every penny with the money you pay with tickets.

(Crowds: starts to boo)

{Gods Masterpiece:}} Why you still boo me? your all mad because the truth hurts. When was the last time this state won something in sports? like 10 years ago or something? I hate this horrible place. With rude new Yorkers who has nothing better to do with there lifes Let me tell you effect my Florida marlins beat your chokers yankers for the world series in baseball.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} You see Sunday at are first ppv called TURMOIL. Ill be the only man who walks out with 2 titles the XCW Hardcore Championship and XCW Tag Team Titles with my partner MVP. And when I win in effect ill win and be the new face of XCW. All eyes will be on me and my stable called Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team. MVP will win the XCW United States Championship and the XCW Tag Team Titles and Bret Heart will win the XCW World Championship. In one night. Gods Perfect Masterpiece will hold all the titles. Just like my home town teams. Florida Marlines, Miami Heat, and Miami Dolphin's. Just like your teams they never win a big one they always choke.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} Lets see who IM facing for the Hardcore title. That's right AUSTIN Clay his like each everyone off you thinking his bad too the bone. I have to face him in Tables, Ladders, and Tacks for the XCW Hardcore title. Everyone says this is my toughs match ever here in the XCW. Will you all wrong. You think for a moment ill will get a scratch on this face? hell no I don't think so. His just another wanna be thug, Just like all off the new Yorkers. The young punk as no respect for anyone here. Ill teach that young punk wanna be thug what respect is. You see that's good they put me in a match using Tables, Ladders, and Tacks.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} You see before ill put him in my finisher called Gods Wrath ill brutal beat him to dead like a shark going on a attack and wont stop until he's dead,. Then ill set up the table put dumb tacks. Pick his life less body put him in my finisher gods wrath by braking all the bones on his neck then climbing with him to the top of the ladders and drop him through the table. Then the referee will count the 1 2 3. And they announce the new hardcore champion gods masterpiece. You see my path already been read in. Ill walk out with 2 titles and belts and ill be the new face off xcw.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} Lets thing before I get out off this hell hole call for a dumb. Me and MVP the team the nobody cant beat us will be facing new comers name Chris James & Justin "Bad Boy" Kade for the tag team titles. That will be so easy like taken candy from a baby. Does unknown will be unknown when we will the titles. MVP AND ME will get the job done any means. Ill will look so damn good with does title around me. that's all I need to say I am out off this hell hole.

(((Gods Masterpiece drops the mic and hits song starts playing here come the perfect human being by 2pac he leaves the ring and goes back to his locker room)))


(((Camera goes back showing JR. and The King setting in there ring announcer table)))


((JR.) Why does gods masterpiece always need to talk about him? and make fun off everyone king?

((The King) Jr. if you ever look like him you would do the same thing. You just like this crowd today don't understand real good looking people just like my self.

((JR.) I know AUSTIN CLAY wont be happy with does comments king,

(The King) AUSTIN CLAY say good by to your hardcore championship title because it will be on Gods Masterpiece waste.

((JR.) Fans IM really sorry we ran out off time. Please order are first ppv called TURMOIL. Have a nice night.

You just watched Xtreme Championship Wrestling Copyright 2008