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"Next HardCore Champion and Tag Tean Champion "



((Scene Opens Up By Showing Clips from XCW MONDAY NIGHT Destruction matches. Bill kidman beating Chris James and aj styles, Gods Masterpiece beating Chris Chos, MVP beating Justin Kade, Jeff Jerret Beating the Rock Bret Hart beat crach, and join gods perfect masterpiece team and a brawl the end off that match.))

((Voice) Welcome to Xteme Championship Wrestling The best thing going today, if you dont like real wrestling then dont watch, enjoy the show.


((Monday Night Destruction Music starts playing then the fire works goes off in front of the enters))


(((Camera its showing JR and The King setting in there ring announcer table)))

((JR)Hello XCW Fans we are coming live from the sunny Miami fl. I am J.R and my partner in crime jerry the king lawer. Wow what show we can fans last night. That was one off the best show I ever saw. We saw everything at Monday night Destruction. What was the best part off night the king?

((The King) Jr the best thing happen was gods masterpiece beat chris chos and got his first victory, after gods masterpiece beat him he packed his back and left town to what ever rat hole he came. And dont forget jr Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team has become one unit, with MVP AND Bret Heart Join gods masterpiece.

((JR) The king in fact Gods Masterpiece has official won his first match here in the xcw. And also we are coming live from his home town.

((The King) MIAMI FL is the best Jr there have the best looking girls in the world puppy's lol.

((JR) I see Maria is in the middle off the ring that means any mint now gods perfect masterpiece team will on there way to the ring.


(((Camera goes in the middle off the ring where we see Maria standing with a mic in her hand)))

(Maria) : Welcome fans my name is my Maria hows is Miami doing today?\

(((Fans going crazy when the camera shows them)))

(Maria) : Lady genitalman please welcome first from your home town and the next hardcore and tag team champion the man who create gods perfect masterpiece team. Your Truly GODS MASTERPIECE?


((We Are Perfect Starts playing by Korn all over the pa system then Gods Masterpiece heads to ring with the fire works going off in the background))


((The Camera goes back to Maria))

(Maria) : And this tag team partner and a members off the GODS PERFECT MASTERPIECE TEAM MVP?


(((IM THE BEST by 2pac starts playing all over the pa system then MVP heads to ring ))) ))


(((Gods Masterpiece picked up a mic)))

Fans: Welcome BACK gods masterpiece.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} IT feels soo good to be back home in my town Miami fl. Last Monday night at destruction you witness me kick the living crap out off chris chos . lets take look what i did to him.

(((The screen shows chris chos put in the gods wrath and gods masterpiece getting the victory)))


{Gods Masterpiece:}} I get rid off the scum once and for all. Now i am moving on to be your next Hardcore champion. It will looking so good on my perfect six back.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} And at Monday night destruction you witness the born of my stable called Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team. All we had to do was wait for bret the hitman heart to join and we where ready to go. After bret heart won his match we came out to welcome him to are stable the hole XCW roster was jealous they came from the locker room and attacks us. All i have to say to all wrestler in the XCW we are the future no one is going to stop us.

{Gods Masterpiece:}} Lets take look at future Gods masterpiece will the NEW Hardcore and Tag Team Champion, MVP Will The NEW US AND TAG TEAM CHAMPION and Bret HEART the new World Champion. You see all the titles are coming are way. ]

{Gods Masterpiece:}} And speaking of bret heart sorry fans he cant be here tonight to join us. Hes getting ready for his match for the world title. Now is time for my tag team partner to speaks MVP.

(((Gods Masterpiece gives the mic to mvp)

{MVP:}} Well Well look at the man who join gods masterpiece as a tag team they Call me MVP AKA Mr. Money. At mondy night destruction I prove I worth every 100 bill that XCW is paying me. And IM back to the 305. You see I join gods masterpiece because lets look at the effect me and him are perfect w. We have the looks the bodies, and of course all the money in the world. And let me tell you all something Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team. Will be the best thing going here. XCW Roster if you not with us your against us. All the belts are coming to us. Don't even try to come get them. Like gods masterpiece said we are the future off this fed.

{MVP:}} And before i go ill will like to welcome bret heart to the gods perfect masterpiece team.


(((They both drops the mic and walked back to there lockr room)))


(((Camera goes back showing JR and The King setting in there ring announcer table)))

(JR) WOW king Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team got bigger with MVP AND Bret Heart Joining this will be heard for XCW superstars to stop them. Can you believe if they win all the titles. What happen?

(The King) Jr what are you talking about? have you been watching there matches? probable not you where sleeping. Gods Masterpiece and MVP and Bret Heart there the best ever. We got nobody hold does title but once they all win. It will be the end off them.

((JR) Sorry fans i wish i had more time with you. But we are all of time see you next time.

You just watched Xtreme Championship Wrestling Copyright 2008