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"Next HardCore Champion and Tag Team Champion "


(Scene opens up showing Gods Masterpiece about to the leave his locker room when Todd Grishman stop him for a interview)


Todd Grishman: Gods Masterpiece to you have a quick mint for a interview?


Gods Masterpiece: Sure but make it quick. I have a date with 3 perfect ten model tonight. That's way you see me dress up and look my best like I always do?


Todd Grishman: Jackal the man who is going to face Bret The Hitman Heart one off you stable member came out here early and talked bad thing about did you know that?

Gods Masterpiece: Jackal? are you kidding me we have a wrestler name jackal what is this? is XCW running a zoo around here or something I don't know about? What did he say?



Todd Grishman: He said you just a joke? you not the future off XCW. He said he is going to Destroy Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team by him self.


Gods Masterpiece: What? who the hell he things he is coming out here running his mouth? looking like perry Saturn ? Look at him the only reason he even got a job here at XCW and got sign was, XCW need a mascot to represent this company. He has no talent at all his not even close to my level of wrestling talent. Call me a joke no jackal your a the biggest joke just another jobber walking around here listing to marlin mansion dress like a fruit cake in girls dresses a repeal who never got enough love when he was growing up as a basterd kid. Another freak who nobody wants or cares about here in the XCW. As I remember didn't jackal used be a killer or something like that back in the day? and lets see what happen he got killed and hang. Did he ever even had a match here? did he even won or know what a wrestling match is? I though so/

Gods Masterpiece: That's funny telling me IM not the future of XCW because Jackal or Pickel or Clay Akin or what he wants to call him self. He just another cry baby in here in the XCW. You see his jealous of my success and how much money IM making . hell I worth more the his hole house I meant his car OOPS I let the secret out off the bag. XCW doesn't even give him a time off day. Look what happen I won my first match now I am getting hardcore and tag team title shot . What about him? nothing setting on the bench eating spam. Stop thinking you got a shot in this world to be at the of XCW as long as IM alive By dissing me your garbage I don't even know if he knows how to a shower just look at him? his always dirty.

Gods Masterpiece: Jackal nobody in this world can stop us. Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team is god your just a ant will be crush by us. Then you can go home listen to Marlin Mansion and kill your self. IM wasting my time and my breath and this joker.

Todd Grishman: What are you thoughts on Bret The HitMan Heart taken on the jackal?

Gods Masterpiece: Bret Heart he is going to teach Jackal a lesson why you don't mess with the Gods Perfect Masterpiece Team. Bret's nick name is the hitman thats what he will do to him. Make him bleed punish him and make him tap out and cry. I mean nobody and I mean nobody talks about us and gets away clean. Bret Heart is best there is of whooping people asses. The best there was making them tap out in the sharp shooter. And the best there ever be in the middle of the ring. Jackal say good-bye because when bret heart finish kick your ass from one ring pole to another XCW will fire you. Hell I my hire you to care my bags.

Todd Grishman: Thanks you gods masterpiece for you time and good with the girls tonight. Sorry fans I wish I had more time to interview him but we have to go see you next time.


(Camera fades out off the screen)