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((Scene Opens Up By Showing Gods Mastepiece working out inside his locker room))


((Then the camera shows maria walking to the gods masterpiece locker roon))


((Maria walks inside the gods masterpiece locker room and ask him for a interview))

(Maria) :Hello Gods Masterpiece my name is maria do you have a time for a quick interview??

G((Gods Masterpiece)) : Sure babes you better keep your eyes on my face and not my body. We know how you like guys with nice bodys you will take them home with you.


(Maria) : Nice body gods masterpiece i see you must work alot.

((Gods Masterpiece)) : Of course babes i got too look my best every single time..

(Maria) : At monday night Destruction you will be facing Chris Chos for #1 Contender - XCW Hardcore Championship . Arent you a little bit worry about him what he may do to you in a hardcore match?


((Gods Masterpiece)) : Are you kidding me? where did they found you? somewhere in a back off a stripp club? I dont need to be worry about him. Just beacuse He listen to this rap crap garbage. Thinking his cool. Let me tell you something chris chos you will never be respect as a wrestler or a human being. You should be a shame off your self. You a white man who thinks his black.

(Maria) : Do you think he will try to cheat in this match?

((Gods Masterpiece)) : Of course he will cheat in this match thats what his people do if they dont got a change off making it. Trust me ill put him out off his misery.

(Maria) : What happens once you beat him?

((Gods Masterpiece)) : What will happen to chris chos after this match is over? he will probable go home crying like a little girl to his wife his baby mamas you know how does people have them and to his 10 kids and bartered kids about how he got his ass kicked by the best wrestler alive. Then ill become yourr new XCW Hardcore champion

(Maria) : Thank you gods masterpiece for your time. You just heard from gods masterpiece. From me and xcw see you next time.



((Scene ends by maria walked out of gods masterpiece locker room and the camera fads to black))